Night Vibe was the 1st and only urban music radio show in South Korea. We started broadcasting in March of 2011 and wrapped up our show on Tbs eFM in October of 2013. In addition to our Korean broadcast, we have also been hosting a weekly show on with on radio invasion (owned and operated by DJ Symphony, Raekwon’s official DJ).  Check out world-wide  Mon- Fri via on RadioInvasion.FM 


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For more about Night Vibe read our Q&A with the Courea Courier below

How long has the show been on air?:

Elliott: Night Vibe started in March of 2011.

How long have you been a radio host?:

Elliott: Three years ago, before Night Vibe came along, we both began hosting a weekend program called the Weekend Chart.

What was your first experience in radio?:

Elliott: After competing in a talent competition back in 2009, Pinnacle met the only foreign producer at the station, Tim Alper, and became a guest on a the Steve Hatherly Show.  A few months after Pinnacle started the segment he asked me to fill in for him because he was going out of town.  I met the same producer and ended up becoming a radio reporter on another program in March 2010

Did you start this show?:

Elliott: While we were both working as guests, we were asked to record a pilot radio show for a urban radio program.  At the time, many people at the radio station didn’t think it would work.  Three months later we were named the hosts of another program, and four months after that we were asked to create a new show.  At first we were told the show would be called Night Train.  We thought that sounded stupid, so we changed it to Night Vibe.  From that point on we began to sketch out the vision for our show, hired guests, and create segments.

Notable past guests:

Elliott & Pinnnacle: Tiger JK/ Yoon Mirae, Zion T, Musiq Soulchild, Swings, Nick Cannon, Crush, Robert Glasper, Dok2, Windy City, DJ Symphony, Dia Frampton, KrnFx, Garion, Simo & Mood Schula, Q-bert, DJ Neil Armstrong, Kuma Park etc. We’ve also received radio drops from Swizz Beatz, Ludacris, Boyz II Men, The Alchemist, etc.

Who have been your favorites?:

Elliott: I can’t say any one interview is my favorite because we learn something from each guest we interview, no matter how famous they are.

Pinnacle: I like the interviews where we freestyle with the guest. Those are my favorites!

If you could get ANYONE on the show, who would it be?:

Elliott: In Korea, who do we want to interview?  There are four names in my mind, Gaeko and Choiza from Dynamic Duo.  We had the chance to met  them and have conversations with them but we’ve yet to have them on the program and they are all talented pioneers in the Korean hip hop scene.


What kind of events away from the studio do you do for the show?:

Pinnacle: We like to be involved with charity events, hip hop shows, remote broadcasts and other endeavors of similar caliber. However, we both feel like we there’s much more to be done.


What other parts of the Seoul music and arts scene are you involved in?:

Pinnacle: We create our own music, both individually and collectively. In addition, we participate in performances and we work with other artists, both foreign and expat, to create dope music and continue to build our community.

Anything else about yourself or the show you want to share ?:

Pinnacle: In case we haven’t mention how awesome we are… we are awesome. Now listen to our show-_-

Elliott: If you want us to come to your school or event and broadcast please contact us directly.

Pinnacle: But we ain’t comin’ unless you provide some chicken-_-